Hi, I'm Claire

I believe in creating amazing experiences, making beautiful imagery, and helping women realize they are as elegant and gorgeous as any editorial spread. My goal is to revolutionize perceptions of traditional boudoir photography and create a style and experience that is empowering. 

I’m a farm girl, born and raised, and an artist to the core. I began my business at the age of 18 and moved to the city after college to follow my heart. I believe ice cream is acceptable to eat at any time of day and that every dog is in need of a cuddle. I believe everything is worth trying once, and that any opportunity to do something maybe just a little bit crazy should be taken. With this in mind, I make sure that every client has a great experience and adventure with beautifully artistic images to show for it.

If you like what I do give me a shout and let’s get your session scheduled.

I can’t wait to meet you.