sam : elegant philadelphia boudoir

I remember the first time an image struck me. Like really struck me. Like changed how I thought about a person’s ability to create and what it means to make art. I was 16-years-old and at the Metropolitan Museum of Art with my sister. We were on a field trip and had already spent enough hours in the galleries that our feet were sore and my brain had enough expressionism for the day. I really just wanted something to eat. My sister and I stumbled into one final room while attempting to find our way out of the labyrinth of romantic classicism and I came face to face with a seven foot painting that smacked me with it’s beauty. 

Le Printemps, or Springtime, by Pierre Auguste Cot was daring me to look away. I stood, transfixed, as I attempted to take in this enormous painting of a young couple on a swing. It was the light on her hair, the gauziness of dress and the way it flowed around her. His toes and the way they hooked around his leg and gave away his shyness and excitement. You imagined him blushing under his mop of brown hair. And then it was her expression. So coy, so daring, so adventurous. Here was a woman to be reckoned with. This painter had created a scene that spoke loudly in the most powerful way possible; through quiet gestures, soft lines, and enough details that your imagination could run wild. 

I doubt I will ever be able to strike people with my art the way that painting stuck me, but I will forever be influence by the way those small details influenced me in that moment. When I shoot a boudoir session, that is what I think of. A small smile, a simple movement, the texture of a fabric over skin. All of these things are what bring make an image more than just a photograph to me. With this in mind, the shoot below was born.



Sara Murray from Confetti & Co. and I styled this shoot with strong lines, tumbling florals, ethereal textures. Sam looked beautiful in the Hushed Commotion Sadie veil and a delicate lace robe by Tessa Kim. Pulling these elements together were florals by Kate Farley.  Special thanks to Kelly Hurst from Mirror & Mantel for hair styling and Melissa Luther for makeup.