you’re about to step into a new world. This guide is here to help prepare you for your session and hopefully answer any questions you might have. Before we dive into details, however, I want to share with you a few of my thoughts on beauty and boudoir.

I believe sexiness comes in many shapes and forms and is not dictated by what (or how little) you’re wearing. It’s in the way you move, or smile, or stand. It’s written on your face and in your eyes. This is why most of my work centers around beautiful portraits and natural posing. A boudoir session should feel like you being you. It’s just you learning a lesson in how to feel comfortable with yourself and confident in your movements, which I am there to help with. Boudoir photography is a world full of opportunity, and I’m excited to be a part of your journey.


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I like to suggest layers. Think: beautiful bra set, thigh high tights, a robe, and an oversized sweater or button down. These items lend themselves well to adding variety to a bra and underwear set while giving you something to move and play with during the session.

I recommend checking out For Love and Lemons, Free People, and Anthropologie for some great staple pieces or unique layers. Amazing and high quality basics can be found on Journelle.   



If you have decided to book a collection with a makeup application, make sure you come fresh and clean faced on the day of your session. That means no makeup, only moisturizer. If you're doing your glam yourself, your hair should be done in your favorite way, whether that be curled, straight, natural, or even up! Don’t be afraid to leave your hair natural if that’s how you wear it every day. Alternatively, if you want to feel glam for the day absolutely feel free to go all out! Just make sure your look makes your feel confident and ready. I suggest bringing hair and makeup items to touch up, or even switch up, your look throughout the session!

“spray your roots with a volumizing dry shampoo, it will add texture, volume, and sexy movement while keep your hair looking fresh.”
— Deanna Oh, your personal HMU



...wearing tight socks, tights, leggings, or anything that might leave a line on your legs or stomach. I recommend a loose dress with comfortable undergarments or comfortable pants that fall where your underwear line is. If it's chilly out, layer up with sweaters and coats rather than tight and restrictive under layers. 







Prepare to have fun. This experience is all about you. Don’t worry, breathe, and enjoy taking an hour out of your day to celebrate the beauty of being you.